NLP 1; goal oriented communication and personal growth

NLP 1; goal oriented communication and personal growth
This training will make you look differently at yourself and your surroundings. Regarding your personal effectiveness, development and growth.

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Max. deelnemers: 10
Duur: 3x1 day+ Inspirationday
  • Training€ 1.176,50
  • Materiaal€ 40,00
  • Accommodatie€ 240,00
  • Totaal (exclusief btw)€ 1.456,50
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  • Training in English

    This training will make you look differently at yourself and your surroundings. Regarding your personal effectiveness, development and growth. You’ll stand more firmly because you know how your inner experience influences your behavior.


    The training on Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) offers you a successful and reliable model with practical tools to communicate specific, focused and with commitment towards others. NLP also learns you the importance of convictions, your norms and values on your day-to-day habits; what you feel and think. This training will help you look differently at yourself and your environment regarding personal effectiveness, development and growth. Departing from your past with respect and understanding.

    The training is practical, personal and highly interactive. Within three days you will be guided professionally through the world of NLP.


    This training is accessible for everyone because it is all about personal development and effectiveness. Ideal for people with both professional as private goals. Have you always wanted to be introduced to NLP in a practical, profound and impactful way? Then go no further...This is the training you have been searching for!

    This training is ideal when:

    • You want to be able to connect with others on the same level;
    • You want to communicate more effectively;
    • You sometimes take a leading role and forget to take the others on board with you;
    • You want to become more alert and focused on what happens in your environment and be able to react effectively to it;
    • You have discovered blockages in your way of communicating and want to alter these;
    • You want to deal with different people in a more flexible way;
    • You want to become more effective on a personal level and better yourself!


    At the end of this training you haver a clear understanding on what NLP is about and what not. You’ll be able to establish contact (RAPPORT) more effectively and maintain it with your counterparts in communication. You’re able to win someone for your story instead of just telling them to follow. You stand more firmly because you have notion of how your inner experiences influence your behavior. And you’re are able to alter and change it yourself. The live’s lesson you learn is that you have a choice in everything you do, think or feel and the choice is yours.


    “What an inspiring training while still remaining practical, I like that!”

    “I have found my crumbled self-confidence again.”


    This training is built around personal development and personal effectiveness through NLP. The subjects from NLP which will be taught are:

    • NLP Communication model: how does the communication-process work;
    • Assumptions: basic NLP beliefs which enable you to communicate more effectively
    • Rapport: -/- making contact with the other and maintaining it; to be able to create a context of mutual trust and a willingness to follow each other;
    • The logic levels: 6 levels within communication and personal development to help communicate on. To be able to anticipate on what level the other is communicating and move towards that level;
    • Feedback: from the basic assumption of NLP and using the rapport technique you will be able to fine tune your feedback toward others in a way which will strengthen the contact and relationship;
    • Meta-programs: are advanced patterns of thinking when we communicate; which patterns do we prefer and how can we make changes in order to create a communication-process which is more effective;
    • To set goals: the training will end by formulating achievable, personal and practical goals. What have you learnt and how will you implement this the new behavior?


    NLP looks at development from different perspectives: it regards Doing, Thinking and Feeling. In order to create a permanent change and movement in behavior all three perspectives are put in play. Staying within a safe context we will look at your external behavior but also at your inner experiences. Theory will be kept to a minimum as extensive practice will be key. Practice makes perfect and will help you feel the real difference (internally). This combined with extensive feedback among each-other, intermitted projects and e-coaching will lead to the goals which are set.


    We strive towards diversity of participants in our training-groups on background and professional surroundings in order to create a maximum learning-effect. Most participants work at a mid- or high-level position within commercial corporations and (local) government. The group size is a maximum of 10 participants.


    The duration of the training is three separate days with intermediate periods of 2 or 3 weeks; online subjects in between; personal mailings with the trainer and communication on a secure community amongst all participants. Duration of a training-day: 09:30 – 17:00 hours.


    Training-price is € 1.176,50. Training materials (à € 40,00) and accommodation, food & beverages (à € 240,00) excluded.  All prices are VAT excluded.

    This training on personal effectiveness includes access to the Inspiration day at our Schoonderwoerd venue in Utrecht. This is a day Schoonderwoerd organizes with various themes on personal development in order to keep you ahead and stay inspired.

    Materials such as various syllabi, handouts and other writing equipment will be provided during training-days. At the location coffee, thee and lunches are served on a regular basis. Please inform us in advance of any special diet requirements at this number 030-2934899.



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